Thursday, January 21, 2016

Beautiful Senior

That Yearly "catch up" Post!

I am NOT making a resolution! If I did, it would be broken before tomorrow, so this is just another random post! I have been busy busy, which is not so usual for winter, but I don't mind! I got some new equipment and I have been having lots of fun with it!
I have a few winter wedding shoots that have been lots of fun. SO, here you go! 
Feel the LOVE :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Cute "Litlle" Family

Our family is now expanding again! This was the perfect time to take pictures, Kat is now married and John will be leaving on a mission! Thanks to my friend Mary, who helps me get MY pictures done! I can't be on both sides of the camera :)

SENIOR OVERLOAD- ready, set, GO!

I am not overloaded, but this post is!! Senior photo's are probably my favorite thing to do!

 This was actually at a library in SLC, super fun and really shows her book loving personality!

A Couple Senior Photo Previews!

I haven't got to many of Megan's photo's yet (you know, the photographers daughter is ALWAYS last!) But this one was just fun and I had to do it right away!
And here is a preview of Jen! She was fun, and beautiful! When I told her she was getting in the water, she gave me a funny look and then said "well, your pictures always turn out great- I trust you"
It turned out  awesome!